There is a separate space to perform aseptic procedures. The operating table is specially heated surface of the Swedish company KanMed where the temperature is set at half a degree Celsius. Moreover, the sera are administered intravenously, heated by a special heater hospital, by adjusting the temperature also by half a degree Celsius.

The surgery is served by two wet kilns. A large hospital type, which can be sterilized surgical clothing, elastic machines, gauze, and displays all the surgical instruments and a smaller autoclave for rapid sterilization of tools.

Surgical projector ceiling is the latest generation of LED lamps, dimmable lighting and adjustable color temperature light. It is perfectly skialytikos, and produces the least heat. Takes all possible positions in the operating room to place in comfort, safety and rested all operations.

They are still available to colleagues complete range of tools and materials, strong suction surgery, etc. It is worth emphasizing that the area of surgery is covered by a large and powerful UPS connected on line, so that in case of a power failure, all machinery and appliances of surgery (anesthetic machines, monitor, projector, etc.) to operate smoothly for a long time.