The dewormed, fall into endoapoparasitoseis (internal parasites mainly involving the digestive system) and exoapoparasitoseis (external parasites such as fleas, ticks, gnats, etc.). It is usual, puppies and kittens are infected with roundworms (the most common for these endoparasites) and to finally rid normally required worming their first 2-3 months of life. Then, it is mandatory by law, be granted a lifetime, parasite treatments per quarter, which is effective also against echinococcus. The echinococcus is endosymbiont (film), which infects the dog by eating raw, contaminated meat (especially visceral).

Man and he may be infected with Echinococcus (this is important zoonoses), mainly through the consumption of raw, poorly washed vegetables. We advise you to make quarterly worming your pet, last not ever eat raw or incompletely cooked meat yourself and rinse well with clean running water, all raw vegetables to be consumed. As regards the ectoparasites, there are numerous formulations (spray, ampoules, collars, shampoos, etc.) for prevention and treatment.

We know well what is most appropriate for your pet and most importantly how to make the application. We emphasize that the formulations for both endo and ectoparasites are for drugs sold only by legitimate Clinics and Pharmacies animals and can have side effects, sometimes serious, if not used properly.