The administration of general anesthesia in pets that are critically ill or have serious health problems (eg animals with cardiac or renal or hepatic insufficiency) is a great challenge and recommends maximum liability.

We have an American anesthetic machine MDS Matrx, extremely low resistance, which can be intubated animals, very low birth weight, semi-enclosed system. We also use new technology and one German anesthetic machine, DRAGER Julian Plus, ventilator for artificial pulmonary ventilation (IPPV-PCV), which is parameterized according to the incident. This machine has an integrated monitor screen for the control of respiration, the inhaled and exhaled gases (CO2, isoflurane, desflouraniou etc.). Moreover, we operate independently and next-generation monitor with color touchscreen PHLIPS, with potential oximetry and making pressure, ECG, heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature and analyzer inhaled and exhaled gases. So we can work with anyone who wishes colleague for the safer management of surgical cases.